More Ways to Irritate Your Opponent

In the last post we laid out the first half of Phil Simborg’s list on how to irritate your opponents. Of course the idea behind that post – and this one, too – is to inject some humor into our backgammon experience. I didn’t really expect any of you to employ those “tricks” in a real tournament – maybe in an informal game or two with really close friends or people whom you know. Anyhow, I managed to find the list again and I thought I’d complete it before moving on to more serious topics for this blog next time. Here goes.

8. If you gammon him, tell him he was very lucky not to get backgammoned.
9. Whenever he rolls a repeater, even if it’s a terrible roll, remind him that he really should shake his dice.
10. Practice your rolling technique so that whenever you have an important roll the dice will be off the table and you’ll have to roll over several times.
11. If you are sure you are not going to double, finger the doubling cube for a while and then change your mind.
12. Yell “YES!” whenever he rolls a really bad roll.
13. Especially if you are playing with his board, eat something really messy while you play and drip food all over the checkers and the board. (If you smoke, ashes look lovely on an opponent’s board.)
14. Whenever he has a forced play, tell him it’s forced and move his checkers for him.
15. And lastly, if you win, be sure to report it to the tournament director in the loudest possible voice.

As Simborg himself said, try these things out and make sure you have a good dentist. Have fun!

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