Backgammon In Australia

Backgammon is not strictly an American game, that is for sure. You can find gatherings of backgammon enthusiasts is many countries around the world. In Australia, there is a sprinkling of backgammon clubs all over the country. Perhaps one of the most well known clubs is the Sydney Backgammon Club. According to them, they “consists of an informal group of local players and visitors who share a passion for playing backgammon face to face, in a brick and mortar venue. The club serves as a meeting place for many types of players, however the club’s primary focus is to provide for players who enjoy the challenge and competition of backgammon tournaments.”

They are hosted by the Royal Exhibition Hotel near the Central Station. Every Tuesday they meet for tournaments, which are operated on a first come first served basis. There are tournaments for both beginners and the more advanced players.

Visitors are very much welcome to join their weekly get together. No one is obliged to participate in the formal tournaments and boards and dice are provided just for social games. So if you are up for a night of backgammon fun, why not pay them a visit at the Exhibition Hotel if you are in the area?

In other parts of Australia, you can also find other backgammon clubs such as:

Newcastle Backgammon Club
Melbourne Backgammon Club
ACT Backgammmon Club (Canberra )
Backgammon Association of South Australia (Adelaide )
The Queensland Bay Backgammers
Surfers Paradise Backgammon (Gold Coast)
Tasmanian Backgammon Association
Kaponga Backgammon (New Zealand)

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