My family’s passion for backgammon

Backgammon was a staple board game in our family. My brothers and sisters used to play this obsessively when we were young because it afforded us a chance to play in an even field because we were all beginners at the game.

Besides, the level of challenge meant that we had this constant desire to improve our game so that we can beat each other and knock up more wins. Backgammon was also a great way for my siblings to bond. It allowed us to talk and share stories while playing – and when we reached the legal age we would even have frenetic games over beer or wine.

Backgammon was always with us. It was a game that we can bring with us anywhere. I distinctly remember my brother buying a traveller’s version of backgammon which we used to bring with us whenever we go on vacations within the country or even overseas!

It may sound silly to bring a game with us when we are touring another country considering that each new country has a wealth of new attractions that it can offer to a first time visitor, but backgammon has and will always be one of the things that would really tie us together and also one of the things that defined us as a family.

Now that we all have families of our own, we have never forgotten our love for backgammon. We have taught it to all of our children and during family gatherings, we siblings play backgammon while our children are finding in the game a common passion.

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