Backgammon books for intermediate players

Below are some highly recommended books for intermediate backgammon players. These books are perfect for players who want to get more insights into the game:Backgammon (Paul Magriel)

This book gives a thorough introduction to the various strategies and tactics used in backgammon. In fact, it is often referred to as “The Bible” of backgammon. The author has been successful in presenting the basic concepts of backgammon in text that is easy to read and understand and is often supported by examples that are made to illustrate some specific concepts.

Backgammon Boot Camp (Walter Trice)

This is a great companion to Magriel’s Backgammon. This book also covers a wide range of subjects that gives readers a very thorough explanation of backgammon game concepts. There are also certain chapters where this book is better than Magriel’s book.

501 Essential Backgammon Problems (Bill Robertie)

This is widely considered as the best book for players with intermediate skills. Each one of the 31 chapters gives a good introduction that also mentions the general guidelines about a particular aspect of the game. Each one is then followed up with problems that help illustrate the concept that is being discussed.

Starting Out In Backgammon (Paul Lamford)

This book is written in such a way that it is easy to read, with the content all structured in a logical way. Each book chapter is filled with many tips, warnings and notes which do a good job in encapsulating the salient points in easy to remember pieces.

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