Goldfish Bowl review

In Goldfish Bowl you are given a fishing rod and the task of reeling in a list of valuable objects. There will be also lesser valued objects that need to be avoided otherwise you will run out of time to reach your points target.

The hook on your rod will swing back and forth and it is your job to release at the right moment to catch the item you want. Those looking for free online games may want to give it a try.

You are up against a one minute time limit on each level so you can’t really afford to miss too many objects. Your timing has to be just right, if you are to score well in this game.

More points are rewarded for catching the same item consecutively in Goldfish Bowl.  The best strategy is to aim for the most valuable object and continue to do so to try and get the multiplier effect. This will help you get to your target quickly.

Although certain items do not carry much value, it often best to reel them in to clear them from blocking the most valuable items. For example, the tires are not worth many points but they take up a lot of room in the bowl so if you can eliminate them early, you can get to the high scoring items. Those after free games to play should bear this in mind.

The Sturgeon fish in the aquarium are different to any other items. You cannot collect these fish but if you hit them with you hook they will drop a caviar can which you can collect to gain valuable points. These fish are only around for a limited period so take advantage when they are.

There is also the option of picking up a double hook in the game. If you can collect the hook from the bowl then it will become easier to collect other items.

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