Game Strategy: Making the Right Move

Several people recently have asked me

True, at times, there are several plays that are close, but MOST OF THE TIME THERE IS ONE PLAY THAT IS SUPERIOR to all others.

If you have the attitude that there are often several plays you can make, and they’re all pretty good or pretty bad, and it doesn’t matter much which play you make, then I promise you, you have not learned the game properly.

If you take the attitude that several plays are about the same, you will not take the time and care to seek out the best play. On every virtually every play there is a “best” play, and often that play is several percentage points better than any other play. If you give up just 3 or 4% equity on a play (which is less than a “blunder”) it’s truly not that big a deal, but if you do it just three or four times in one game, you add it up and you’ve given up a lot of your winning chances.

Often what looks like two close plays can turn out to be hugely apart in terms of your odds of winning or losing.

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