Improve Your Backgammon

When you own a cube actually has some worth. Owning – in this instance – means having the ability to double your opponent, but your opponent cannot. Let us say that your opponent is having a good roll and has checkers on his 5 and 6 points. You, on the other hand, have 3 checkers on your 4 point. Your chances of winning the game (if both you do have not doubled) is zero.

Your opponent should double and you should drop. But in a situation where your opponent has doubled and you have “taken”, you will still have about a 14 per cent chance to win the game. So what this means is that you should not double with a small lead.But you should also be wary that you not wait until the game is iced. Let us take the position that I described above. If you are the player with two checkers on, then you should double.

You should not give your opponent a free chance to get ahead of you by getting a lucky draw. If he wrongly takes for any reason then you should thank your lucky stars. And if the chance happens that he takes and you lose the game then you can just attribute it to the luck factor in a game of backgammon .

Do not think that I am saying that determining what your win percentages will be is going to be easy. But you have to at least know the guidelines just like you do in other games like poker both live and online. There is one thing that I have noticed. When you are playing on the zone you will not usually double unless you have a stronger advantage than you would against a real player that you would assume to be as good as you are.

There is a world of difference in backgammon when the doubling cube enters the game. Solid winning players suddenly find that they can no longer win when the doubling cube is added. Suddenly it isn’t sufficient to play solid moves any more, you now have to understand equity.

In poker then this is like escalating the pot in terrible circumstances when your chances of winning are very slim. Experienced players know when their equity is poor and adjust their strategy accordingly. If you cannot comprehend equity in the modern online poker world or in backgammon for that matter then you will not be able to compete with very good players.

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