Great poker books

There is no doubt that the Harrington on Hold’em series both for tournament poker and for cash games have become almost the definitive books in their respective areas. Written and co-authored be ex-WSOP main event Dan “Action Dan” Harrington and the former double world champion at Backgammon, Bill Robertie. The books are written in a very easy to understand format that allows the reader to build on the considerable experience of Harrington and Robertie by a careful use of hand examples and theory.

Whenever I look to recommend any kind of book then I like to do some research on the authors who write that book and what their background is in not only the field that they are writing about but also in related fields. The reader need not have any doubts about the potential and the ability of either Dan Harrington or Bill Robertie. Harrington burst onto the poker scene and became a big name in 1995 when he won the European Poker Championships followed by the World Championship at the WSOP.

The remarkable story of Dan Harrington can be seen by his very impressive results in three different games where he became a Chess master winning several different titles as well as a top Backgammon player. In fact his prowess at Backgammon was so established that he won the World Cup of Backgammon in 1981. Bill Robertie started his game playing in Chess becoming a master where he then won the US Championships in 1970. His main achievements though are in Backgammon where he has won many major titles including the World title on two separate occasions.


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